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Seasoned Gourmet Firewood

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With over 4000 customers, Seasoned Gourmet Firewood has become known for quality and service. For over 23 years customers from all over the New York Tri-County Area have enjoyed the best firewood around. We are a full service firewood provider. We supply 49 area restaurants with Food Grade* Firewood.
* No poisonous orchard spray

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Why We Call Our Wood Gourmet

At Seasoned Gourmet Firewood we season our Hard Woods off the ground 1 to 2 years and will we sell it as seasoned wood. Our hard woods are stacked off the ground for a minimum of one year and it is bone dry. We take pride in our dependable, easy burning Adirondack hard woods. Our seasoned firewoods burn up to 4 times longer than convenience store brand woods. You will NOT find Pine, Poplar, Basswood, Willow, or any junk wood in our collection of hard woods. No Junk. No Dirt.